designed to withstand a WIDE range of climatic conditions

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We offer the very best heavy duty vinyl tarps and covers. Need to protect something from the elements? Do you have something too valuable to leave out in the rain? Are you trucking something across the state or across country? Our rugged selection of products are designed to withstand a range of climatic conditions, including blistering hot sunshine, pounding rain, ice storms, high winds, and heavy snowfalls. Just tell us the kind of weather conditions you anticipate and we’ll produce tarps, coverings, industrial pads, or other items on a made-to-order basis for you. We’ll do our best to accommodate special requests concerning dimensional requirements, material composition, color, and other desired characteristics. Let us know what your needs and budget are, and we’ll match items in our inventory to your unique needs in the field. We can also help with suggestions and recommendations for any type of project you may have in mind. We’re committed to providing outstanding customer service and the best possible tarps and other custom equipment covers for your business! Contact us today for a quote.

Image of aerospace cart cover for industrial parts, equipment, and storage.


Cart Covers, Engines Covers (including jet engines), Generators Covers, Outdoor Kitchens Covers, Barbecues Covers, Nautical Covers, Covers for Winches and Hoists, Patio Furniture, Seats and more.

Industrial Curtains


Warehouse Divider Curtains, Temporary Walls, Boathouse Curtains, Commercial Vehicle Curtains, Shop Curtains, Blackout Curtains, Security Curtains, Paint Room Curtains, Enclosures, Welding Curtains, Sandblasting Curtains and Industrial Partitions.

Custom Protective Covers


The in-house fabrication of fabric membranes assures sturdy construction and the best available materials for the application. Through the use of Radio Frequency fabric welding techniques, special reinforced hems and premium quality thread we produce the highest quality product on the market today. Typical awning fabric includes Sunbrella, Awnmax, Natura, Weblon Coastline Plus and many more.

Industrial Blankets


Concrete Curing Blankets, Industrial Insulated Blankets, Welding Blankets and much more, all made in the USA.

Custom Protective Pads


Sports Facilities, Schools, Gyms, Manufacturing and Production Facilities. For example, items that often need safety pads include columns, posts, stanchions, corners and guard rails.

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